Picture a object a plane hitting terminal velocity. Now picture that plane now hitting terminal velocity in or around an event horizon of a black hole.

I postulate that such…

The doctors are too lazy settling for managing symptoms instead of an all out cure.

I will use the adage “time heals all wounds”. Especially for schizophrenia’s scheezie friends who…

In Swedish we say “väl disponerad", which is the virtue in a complex expectation. Some would say it could strike a chord, like the straw that broke the camel’s back…

One can also use neurochemical topology of g-proteins. Where g-proteins are phrenic to stimuli and hence downstream the sequence of motor activation such as Ras, and p31, sequencing decision.

In Swedish “at skissa" means “to schetch", that’s schizo down, and phrenic has to do with the company one keeps.

So then I must be in schetchy company, for whatever…

MCAT suggest ~31/45

Architecture exams KTH score 30 as a civil pass
So about pi of tenth order

For acclimatization in a country is about 90 days

Or pi of…

Since the pigmes are going all bongo bongos, I proceed to do surgery on their meaning.

Finding pigme to meaning from Spanish “fight me" and their bongos we will not…

The origins of harass according to lexico.com, is 17 century French and Germanic: hater or hare meaning while paraphrasing “put the dogs on it".

Think of it as modern greyhound race, where the willing hounds all want the basket incased hare.

The property of which slayes and layes solely with the most proper and steadiest of racers.

For how else would you allocate all ones summoned cardiac abilities throughout a race.

Now for the tortoise, which I will subscribe to Tort Law and I stress again Propiety.

I will do you one better, as it is said accross the pond…

In Sweden we call trainers, dojor.

Japanese place of learning.

Trainers in Owambos oppressive tung “Afrikaans” were called tachies.

The fast and loose kind these people were playing.

And to…

Repeat offenders why so Crimson.

Those tidings are of San Gree.

The only need for true blood tidings, is in memory of our lord and saviour Jesus Christ.

Please no…

Aimé T Shangula

I am an aspiring Data Scientist who has done a number of projects that include medical diagnostic classification, complaints classifications, housing pricing…

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