Head Shrinking Maturity?

Aimé T Shangula
1 min readNov 15, 2021

There was a boy I used to know who moved to a distant land. There everybody said he had a “big head” because he never wanted them in his immediacy. So first chance they got they sent him to a “head shrinker “, sorry shrink, sorry psychiatrist.

Not knowing of course that being big headed meant having a grown head and more over so a grown up head. Understanding that they had not the words nor the will to understand him, the boy moved back to where he came from. Knowing that the only thing that cures maturity is time, leaving the distant land with an even poorer sense of how to deal with…

Aimé T Shangula

I am an aspiring Data Scientist who has done a number of projects that include medical diagnostic classification, complaints classifications, housing pricing…