Head Shrinking Maturity? The Superman Defence.

Aimé T Shangula
6 min readJan 28, 2022

Moreover head shrinkers shrinking maturity for the boy now a man, they are in support of a critical flaw in the man’s star sign.

The man’s star sign is Aquarius kind of fitting, because he a-queried or did not ask for head shrinkers ideas nor the outlaws from his parents home.

He was conceived in Libra where a Libra’s vice is uncertainty hence the use of bastard by the outlaws.

For the man now away from his parents home this marriage was not made in heaven as the later argument in the photo might suggest.

Why the Superman Defence then? Because the head shrinkers made up stories of the man, were made to even convince the man, that these things were happening. Then why not use a story that has many similarities, is best selling and even simple enough to be taught to children.

The man like Superman had to leave his parents home young due to the destructive nature of the people there. Also in the wording where there is justice Libra leaving his parent home in his wake or in a crypt or on Krypton.

Now I will answer why the head shrinkers might employ such ideas? And the answer is Uranium or if one looks at a word like urban meaning civic or polite, where one sees that ur is band, so ur is synonymous with uncivil. This both pays for the shrinkers being and creates the environment needed for their existence. This is the man’s Krytonite the barbarism invited by the shrinkers to leave him powerless and to keep him there. Leaving people with the question “why is he polite?”.

Also this welcoming brings the outlaws like Superman’s Zod who would love see this world like Krypton, or in the man’s case see the injustice of his parents home in his new home. So “why is he polite?”.

The basis for all civilisation is politeness and respect for good writing, hence the Superman Defence to rise above the shrinkers greed and reject their idea for being.

Aimé T Shangula

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