Post Social Distancing, Break In To Airbnb Business Seattle

Aimé T Shangula
4 min readApr 1, 2020


After we have weathered COVID-19 and wish to win back some of what was lost during the global crisis, I say turn to the Seattle, Washington(US), housing market. If your looking for a less congested San Francisco with a relatively high tech exposure look no further than to the sleepless city, knowing that it will have to sometime.

Potential Business Questions

  1. )What are the factors that go into Seattle’s Airbnb prices?
  2. )Can a reasonable pricing model be made?
  3. )How can one maximize the price?
  4. )How does customer review counts/score correlate with pricing?

Exploring Seattle Data

Airbnb make a good business out of providing housing across the world, so if one looks at the data from the platform(Airbnb) in Seattle supplied on Kaggle’s website. One find a lot of features that may go into the price of accommodation, but none more prevalent than the one found in the following:

The features that we found were correlate to the price outside the low interval of between -0.2 and 0.2, are the “bedrooms”, “accommodates”, “guests_included”, “latitude”, “host_listings_count”, “host_total_listings_count”, “bathrooms”, and “beds”.

Modelling Price

These feature have been used to make a model for the price in Seattle, giving a relative error of about $0,50. This is a very reasonable Linear model, that in providing such a low error, validate the features that went into it. An answer to Question 1.) and 2.).

Maximizing Features

Inspecting the feature with the price like the following:

which for example tells us that if one would want to maximize ones housing price it should accommodate 6 people. If this is done for all the features we get the following:

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