Reduce the Mousetrap to Nothing

Aimé T Shangula
1 min readMay 6

Year circ. 1937, patterns of violent behavior of then modern societies.

  1. Bate or/with blabber the behavior or rather their SWAPO and those that keep doing it
  2. Involve people of integrity with good God in it
  3. And have them regret their integrity and possibly to violence of either party
  4. Take credit for what still think everybody should be

They think “braking” integrity will extend their lives by proxy likely thinking they want an “Devil’s Advocate” while their livelihood is only mustrap, “rinse/farse”, repeat.

The Lords prayer says “forgive my trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us…”

Their farse from Boring things that can’t create Art of anything but their own demise, their own “Parle Harbor”. Kamakazi and apparent cause being their excuse.

These critters and miscreants with a tunnel or tunnel vision into dilapidation are trying to turn dignity, honor, and respect into only their farse/horse-manure (like the screams from poor edits) which is not far enough from us.

This is suppose to be the first step into a spy versa terror game which only has one solution breaking the pattern starting with point 1., not giving into it.

Messing with Ceremony so they can keep on moaning, which is never heaven on Earth.

Aimé T Shangula

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