The Hague trial on Why they should not be Here

Aimé T Shangula
7 min readMay 19

I will use the Norman Rockwell painting:

The old couple in front of a barn with a white picket fence and the man holding his wife and a 2 spoke pitchfork.

Him saying “if you want to pitch any where here, I will take your fork, the I grabbed!”

Him being the Manager, Farmers and other Professionals that believe in God, against the those that would question our integrity.

Hence the white picket fence.

He is saying no grooming of my wife or my children for you poor aims.

For the first mention of this prohibition was attrition.

And you wish to lie with him most unholy for no keepers to no end.

Is this your Psychiatry and if so at what scale and cost, all else?

Are you a parasite or on a para cite why do we have to here it ?

These are the alleged culprits:

Mind you they have accomplices either future or past contact who want to start a band wagon.

So when I say they have aids for their pneumonia don’t believe them that goes for all of them.

They like making this hounding so public, so I put it on myself to say how public it could be. Alleged sound engineers?

My hopefully final say on my critic on some groups.

Remember the scale and cost I was on about, yes well the cost function looks like the total energy equation encompassing potential and kinetic energy which refers to a con-volution around the eventual north which one performs the Lagrangian in order to access the time and place of saving and magneity:

T(r, theta)= (r/T)²/2 + g/r*sin(theta-pi) → L(r, theta)

one part fixed to free the other cost


r³*pi /g=T²*cos(theta)

theta=arccos(g/pi → 1/T²)= pi, 1

r = [0, (T²g/pi)^(1/3)] = 0, sqrt(2)


r intercept is centripetal is poor out into the 4th quadrant, in quantum harmonic or anharmonic system the morse or wavelets are even more spontaneous and…

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